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Illinois child support guidelines are just that. They are a state mandated minimum that one spouse must pay for the necessities of rearing a child after a divorce. In many cases, these guideline child support amounts will help pay for necessary elements such as medical care, food, shelter, and schooling, but not much else. Attorney Arnold Goldstein believes your child deserves more than just the necessities. He will aggressively seek to negotiate a settlement that will provide funds for activities that will give your child the tools to be a better adult.

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Arnold Goldstein has been practicing law for forty years, and he has witnessed the importance of protecting the economic interests of the children of divorce. State guideline minimums simply do not provide enough to give children the lifestyle to which they are accustomed. On the one hand, the nature of what is necessary for a child is different and more expensive. Beyond the bare minimum of food, shelter, and clothing, children often need new necessities, such as expensive therapy and pharmacology.

On the other hand, there are enhancement expenses that give the child the tools to flourish as an adult. These can include private schools, summer camps, enrichment programs--such as art or music classes, and sports. The Goldstein Law Offices will seek to include these enrichment expenses in any settlement arrived at through litigation or negotiation.

The Goldstein Law Offices will also help you enforce any existing child support agreement. The state of Illinois has one of the most effective child support enforcement mechanisms, and attorney Arnold Goldstein will assist you. In addition, he is also an effective child support modification lawyer who will revisit your settlement if there has been a substantial change in your circumstances.

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Make sure that your divorce settlement includes sufficient funds to give your child the tools he or she needs to succeed in life. Contact an experienced family law attorney at the Goldstein Law Offices in Highland Park, Illinois.

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