Arnold D. Goldstein Biography


I have been in private practice for the past 40 plus years. In the first 20 years there was extensive experience in the areas of GENERAL CIVIL LITIGATION, REAL ESTATE, PROBATE, FEDERAL & STATE TAXATION, CORPORATE, PARTNERSHIP, ESTATE PLANNING, BANKRUPTCY, and GENERAL PRACTICE. All this occurred before my practice began a concentration in the FAMILY LAW LITIGATION ISSUES. As a result of my back ground and experience, I have developed skills in accounting & legal areas that are involved in every divorce and family law case. There few cases where the assets or liabilities are not affected by laws relating to real estate, estate planning, business (corporate & partnership) and taxation. Experiences in these areas are a definite asset in my practice.


FAMILY LAW is the polite term for being a “Divorce Lawyer” and includes everything from Paternity & Divorce (politely know as Dissolution of Marriage) and the issues of custody, visitation, maintenance (another polite term for “alimony”), property division (Marital & Non Marital Property) Post Judgment: modification and enforcement, college and extraordinary expenses, allocation and collection and obtaining child support, maintenance (alimony) & reimbursement of expenses; contempt and defense of contempt; change of custody; expanding or decreasing visitation; removal (the ability to move the child and custodial parent out of state).


As a famous man once said “I can only serve one master”, I believe that the lawyer’s role is not just to advise but to “advocate”; being an aggressive advocate is the most important thing that your lawyer can do. For this reason, I insist on getting to know my potential client before I can accept employment. The Judge, Opposing Attorney, and Opposing Client are not “my clients”. My goal is to advocate for my client’s position (and not try to be everyone’s “best friend”) Although it may seem obvious, it’s worth saying: “When experience counts, count on me”.

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